Friday, April 25, 2008

Lauren Keona's 1 Week Check-up

Hello All,

Yesterday was Lauren's 1 week check up! Everything went well, the dr was very happy with her progress. She lost almost 1/2 a lb, but he said that was perfectly normal, especially when breastfeeding. He said her color was good and she is doing great.

I also had a dr app to have my staples removed yesterday. Doc said everything looks good, still need to take it easy so I don't rip my inside stitches which will dissolve in a few weeks. He talked again about how difficult my c section was, should have taken 30 min, but it took 1-1/2 hrs, due to all the scar tissue with my first c section and also my uterus had turned 90 degrees to the left. Just very glad I had an experienced dr doing my surgery!

I'm attaching a few pictures from the last few days, hope everyone is well,

Linda, Ernie, Lauren & Hannah

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lauren and Linda are home!

We were released yesterday from the hospital, so we were able to bring Lauren home yesterday afternoon. She slept most of the evening and did great throughout the night. My milk came in last night & she is doing great with nursing!

She is just a sweet, beautiful baby and more then we could ever ask for.

We feel so blessed & just stare at her in awe.=) Attached are a few pics, with more to come soon

Love, Linda Ernie Hannah & Lauren

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lauren Keona

DAY 2!

DAY 1!
This morning I got THE CALL from Linda saying my granddaughter, Lauren, was born healthy and happy - 7 lbs 6 oz and 19" long!

Proud dad Ernie, big sister Hannah, and Ernie's mother enjoyed visiting mom and baby at the hospital in Pensacola, FL.

Lauren is a cutie-pie and this grandma can't wait to hold both Lauren and Brooklynn next month when I go visit.

EMAILS:Congratulations again!!! Another BEAUTIFUL granddaughter! Two little Angels born to your family! So glad that she is here and healthy!!! What a relief for you and your daughter's family. I also checked out one of your other sites that I enclosed the link to. Nice photo of your old house....tee hee....and nice story to go along with it! That is a wonderful family photo you posted along with the story. I bet you have wonderful memories of your parents and I am so glad that were able to share experiences together while we were growing up in Burbank.
So glad we still remain friends!
Palmer's Pics: 935 East Tujunga Avenue
PS - What a wonderful tribute you did for your parents!

Congratulations, Cathy, on the arrival of your new granddaughter! I just looked at all the pictures of her. Hannah is sure a cute little girl! I bet she loves finally being a big sister! Alan

WOW - CONGRATULATIONS....AGAIN!!!! love and hugs, Marilyn

Cathy, Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Another beautiful child. We are so lucky to have healthy grandchildren. And I am glad your daughter is doing well too. You should be going soon to visit, right? Carol

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharolyn

Hey Cathy Palmer, ;-) I was thinking about you the other day. Congratulations! She is so cutie. (cutie-pie) May God bless you my sweetheart. God be with you. In His Peace,

There all sooooo cute! Congratulations! Margarita

I always love seeing all your pictures and your granddaughters are beautiful!! Kelli

Congratulations Cathy! Wow. I had no idea what a large family you have. Beautiful kids. And Joan Leslie a cousin…who knew! Thanks for sharing with me. Suzanne

Wow, Cathy...Your beautiful family continues to grow...Little Lauren is precious...Bet that you can hardly contain yourself with excitement...Thank for sharing your good news and wonderful "Family Blog" with all of us.
Congratulations to you on the arrival of Lauren Keona... She is a beautiful girl (your daughter) She has her Mama's dimples!
Love, Pam and Jon

Your generational line certainly produces beautiful women. Congratulations once again.
The Astaire/ Leslie clips are wonderful. What glorious dancing. Do you dance? I never asked you. Karen

Hey, a big congratulations, Cathy !

Ahhhh, she is so precious! So adorable! I bet you can't wait to hold her! Are you coming down? You can stay here if you do!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

935 East Tujunga Avenue

Our house in Burbank today - April 2008 - where I lived from 1948-1968.

To see where my family lived before they moved here and before I was born, CLICK HERE.

Growing up in Burbank was fun and we have lots of good memories (see my Burbank High School blog)!

Our mother, Tully Joyce Palmer, enjoyed helping folks and volunteered with the PTA, Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Election Polls and so much more! After she died in 1977, we sold the house.

Our father, Gordon Max Palmer, loved to play golf and his buddies called him Arnie. Before retirement, he worked at Paramount Studios and then at Universal Studies as a Grip. Over the years his job took him to various locations to make movies. The most exciting place was Egypt where he worked on the movie, "The Ten Commandments". He died in 1976.

The Palmers (clockwise): Gordon, Patty, Joyce, Cathy and Susie

September 4, 2009 UPDATEFound this youtube clip of Cecil B. DeMille talking about the movie, The Ten Commandments, which my father went to Egypt to work on as a Rigging Best Boy Grip.




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