Friday, April 11, 2008

935 East Tujunga Avenue

Our house in Burbank today - April 2008 - where I lived from 1948-1968.

To see where my family lived before they moved here and before I was born, CLICK HERE.

Growing up in Burbank was fun and we have lots of good memories (see my Burbank High School blog)!

Our mother, Tully Joyce Palmer, enjoyed helping folks and volunteered with the PTA, Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Election Polls and so much more! After she died in 1977, we sold the house.

Our father, Gordon Max Palmer, loved to play golf and his buddies called him Arnie. Before retirement, he worked at Paramount Studios and then at Universal Studies as a Grip. Over the years his job took him to various locations to make movies. The most exciting place was Egypt where he worked on the movie, "The Ten Commandments". He died in 1976.

The Palmers (clockwise): Gordon, Patty, Joyce, Cathy and Susie

September 4, 2009 UPDATEFound this youtube clip of Cecil B. DeMille talking about the movie, The Ten Commandments, which my father went to Egypt to work on as a Rigging Best Boy Grip.