Monday, January 18, 2010

2002-2005 Germany, Poland & the Netherlands

After a couple of trips to Germany, I lived there 2002-2005 as a Christian missionary which included sides visits to Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Cheque Republic. Here are just a few pics...

Wonderful Glimm family in Berlin

Memorial Church where we often would go to preach the Gospel

Didn't have a car but used s-bahn, u-bahn or bus

Jacqui was born in Berlin but grew up in England and we met at Bible school in USA

The Caller in Berlin


Often had visitors - here is Stacey and Mark in front of a portion of the Berlin Wall

Spree River, Berlin

Sunset over Spree River near my home in Berlin

Giving English lessions in former East Berlin

Snow near my home/flat in Berlin-Charolttenburg

Coffee shop in the Netherlands is where one can buy marijuana

Brandenburg Gate which was in the east before the wall came down

2000 Argentina

La Plata

2001 Israel

Sailing across the Sea of Galilee


Dome of the Rock

The wall around the old city

Passover in Jerusalem

1993 Israel and Egypt

Baptised in Jordan River

Took a side trip to Egypt to climb (by foot and camel) 3 hr hike up Mt Sinai to see sunrise.

We made it!

The return.

St Catherine monestary where my father 40 yrs earlier bought me a bible when he was here to work on the movie 'The Ten Commandments'.

Downtown Jerusalem

Our group in front of the wailing wall

Dome of the Rock


The empty tomb of our Lord Jesus Christ

"He's not here. He is risen!"

1998 India