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Otto G Palmer 1833-1910

When my great grandfather came to the USA from Germany, he changed his last name to Palmer but from what? No one seems to know! So we are on the hunt and we will be adding more info as it comes to light. Thus far, here's what we know:

Otto comes to America from Germany
According to cousin Marlene, she read an article which said that Otto Palmer traveled with Joseph Pulitzer to the USA. So I sent an email and got this about Joseph Pulitzer (source):
Pulitzer, Jos. Age : 20
Country of Origin : Germany
Arrival Date : Sep 1, 1864
Final Destination : United States
Port of Embarkation : Marseilles
Ship's Name : Garland
Occupation : Laborer
Gender : Male
Captain's Name : L. Behrenn
Purpose for Travel : Staying in the USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage
Manifest ID Number : 00012045

Otto published a German newspaper in New Albany, Indiana in 1875

"New Albany Deutsche Zeitung, Otto Palmer, propr, Pearl bet Elm and Oak."
Source: New Albany, Indiana, Polk City Directory, From the Indiana State Gazetteer & Business Directory 1882-83

"Several German papers were published in New Albany at various times. The most successful was the Deutsche Zeitung, published by Otto Palmer from 1875 until about 1905."


"In 1850 a German Democratic paper was established, but soon expired, to be succeeded by others,
but their existence was ephemeral, although there were at that time some 5,000 German-Americans
in the county, all of whom, probably, could read the German language. The late Otto Palmer was the
last German editor to publish a Democratic paper in Floyd county. This fact goes to show how rap-
idly the population of German ancestry becomes thoroughly Americanized."

April 14, 1991 Letter from Uncle Gene to his niece, Cathy Palmer:

Info regarding your ancestors. Your great great grandparents were farmers. They owned farms near the small towns of Eckerty, Birdseye, and Evansville in the southern part of Indiana. Your great great grandfather was a St. Clair and great great grandmother was a McMahan. Now when each of their spouse died, they met and married and their first offspring was your grandmother born Dec 25, 1875, who met and married Max Palmer, born 1868 in Louisville, KY.

Max was a railroad engineer for the Southern Railroad and for years they lived in the resort town of French Lick Springs and New Albany, Indiana. Later they moved to Louisville, KY, where Max ran the passenger train to St. Louis, MO. Edna and Max had five kids: Gordon, Willard, Bob, Darwin, and Gene. Edna and Max met by waving to each other. She was a young farm girl and he was a dashing young railroad engineer driving his passenger train by her farm. She waited each day for him so they could wave to each other. Then one day, he stopped and picked her up and that's how it all started. Five kids later, they split fighting over money.

Max Palmer's father came from Baden-Baden, Germany, approx 1860. His father was the burgermiester of Baden-Baden. He served in the union army as an adjuntant general. He knew six languages and translated orders for the various commands. After the war he published a German newspaper in New Albany, Indiana. He married a German girl and had three sons: Hans, Max and Otto. Hans and Otto were merchants in New Albany, Indiana.

Edna's sister, Maud married Glen Hesse - No kids
Edna's sister, Jose married Chas Stevens - 3 boys, Russel, Babe, & Topi
Edna's brother, Sumner had sons and daughters in Arkansas
Edna's brother, Grover had sons and daughters in Arkansas
Edna's sister Myrtle married Ralph Quackenbush - 3 boys, Ralph Jr, Myron, and Colin

Edna and Max's children: 5 sons
Gordon 1898-1976 wife Joyce Hearn 1914-1977 had 3 girls, Patty Jo, Susan, and Cathy
Willard 1900-1971 wife Louise had 2 kids, Willard Jr & Marlene
Bob 1905-1979 wife Norma Goodie had 3 girls, Roxie, Pam, & Christie
Darwin 1907-1973 wife Mary Ardel
Gene 1917- wife Alice Bryan 1914-

Edna St. Clair Palmer 12/25/1875-2/10/1964 89 years died of broken hip in North Hollywood, CA

Max Palmer 1868-1933 65 yrs died of cancer in Los Angeles, CA

Geneology for Otto G Palmer

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Little Princess

The Little Princess spend the night at grandmas

Good morning, Sunshine!

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Willard Saint-Clair Palmer Jr (BHS '48) 1929-2004

Willard Saint-Clair Palmer
November 3, 1929 - July 1, 2004

Little Will, as we called him, was my cousin, the son of my father's brother. He was the only male cousin of the 5 Palmer brothers and we had lost touch with all our Palmer cousins until a few days ago when we connected with Willard's son and daughter-in-law, Greg and Teresa.

Then we were able to connect with Willard's sister, Marlene Palmer Burke, who we had not talked to since the 1950's. How wonderful to reconnect after all these years! Now we hope to meet up this summer in Burbank when I come out for the Centennial in July.

Many thanks to Herb Vincent ('46) and Linda Mustion ('67) for helping get this information.

Cathy Palmer
BHS '67

Willard graduated from Burbank High School in 1948, received a football scholarship to UCLA and then went into the Air Force and finally became a physicist.

Edna Palmer with her five sons: Gene #5, Bob #3. Willard Sr #2, Gordon (my father) #1, Charles #4

The Palmer Clan in 1949

Willard Jr is standing 2nd from right, between his sister, Marlene, and his father. I am a baby being held my by father with my sisters Susie and Patty to the left.