Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun with Barbie (Lauren)

Friday afternoon, we drove to St Andrews State Park which is 5 min away because Lauren wanted to see an alligator... she was not disapponted!

The next day, we biked to the Waffle House for breakfast and then headed to the state park again. Sure enough, we saw another alligator (or same one?) in a different location. Lauren especially enjoyed climbing an oak tree on the trail and didn't want to leave. I ended up climbing up to join her - hahaa! Again we saw deer etc which made for a fun morning.

We were hot when we returned, so we went swimming in the pool which was followed by seashell hunting on the beach. Then to the grocery store and the dollar store. She totally loves her new 'jewlery' :) !

After a lovely sunset, we saw the super moon before coming inside for the night.

It was a fun day with Barbie/Lauren!